Jimmy can efficiently process customer supplied designs or create something new and exciting. We have the ability to provide the best service to our customers at a very competitive price. Unless the customer supplies machine readable art, most images need some clean up to provide the best printing possible.

Jimmy L. Designs is a major contributor to designs used by both NEMCO and Evans Motorsports, whose cars are seen in the NASCAR Busch series. Jimmy L. Designs also designs paint schemes for the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit.

Jimmy L. Designs is also a subsidiary of L3 Screen Printing and Embrodery which capitalizes on the additional exposure created through these racing series.

Jimmy attended the University of Northern Iowa, where he received a BA in Humanities and Fine Arts with emphasis in Print/Graphic Design. He began work as an artist for a local screen printing shop in 1997 and became co-owner of L3 Screen Printing & Embroidery in Nov. 2001.

Jimmy L is the official paint scheme designer for Nemco Motorsports and Evans Motorsports of the NASCAR Busch Grandnational Series. All content copyright © 2002 Jimmy L Designs. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer, Copyright, Trademark & Other Information.